Having been a regular visitor to your practice for some years now, I would say:

• As well as being professional, the practice environment is welcoming and comfortable

• I have always found the quality of service to be excellent and completely confidence-inspiring (after 70 odd years of visits to the dentist I feel I am in a good position to judge)

• I regularly recommend the practice to family and friends.

Sue Forteath

The practice environment is always spotless, pleasant and attractive.  (I particularly enjoy looking at the artwork on the walls, which helps me to relax before an appointment!)   All the staff are friendly and approachable.  Seetal is a kind, professional dentist who takes time to explain procedures and calm one’s nerves in a quiet, confident manner which is very reassuring.  The treatments I have undergone over several years have been carried out carefully, painlessly and with complete competence.  Emma my hygienist is very personable and always thorough and gentle with the cleaning process. I could not be happier with the service and would have no hesitation in recommending this practice.

Franca Colkin

First of all I and my family have been with the practice more or less 40 years and we are still coming, I guess  that shows that we are very pleased.

About the points that you have requested to answer about, I would say that every point has been satisfactory. 

1.  Practice environment is good and relaxing and well organise for the “COVID situation “

2. Service is good, always ready to try to help any unexpected  request.

3. The team is always kind and friendly, which is very important for anxious patients

4. We have already recommended your practice to others

So, I am and we are happy patients.


I am impressed with the practice. Seetal is calm, professional, clear: I have confidence in her dental care. The hygienist is effective yet gentle. The staff and building are welcoming.

Bill Parry

On my last visit, as always, I found the surroundings comfortable, the staff very friendly and, as far as a layman can tell the service excellent.

I would certainly recommend the practice to others, as I have done in the past.


The practice environment: I think the practice have done really well given the pandemic and is very well run. Building always seems immaculate and generally everything runs pretty much to time. Generally can park in one of the spaces.

Quality of service: Very good, at times I have had to change an appointment, or seek an urgent appointment such as cracking a filling. I like the fact that charges are explained up front so no surprises. Seetal was brilliant taking a tooth out - wish I had left there with some clove oil though.

Manner of team members: Always ask for Emma for the hygienist sessions and she is a credit to the firm. Taking on the business from when Stuart had it and sorting IT etc probably has created a few challenges though Practice still has that personal touch. I am guilty of always wanting a freebie from my treatment as those little tubes of toothpaste are so handy - Mel always has a smile.

Whether you would consider referring friends and family: Definitely


Coming to the practice is a pleasure unlike the traditional feelings that I had as a child and young adult.  I feel that I am coming to visit friends, yes, friends with a job to do, but done in a very professional and friendly manner.

In these Covid times I felt comfortable with the premises, its cleanliness and the way I was handled.

As for the work undertaken I am in awe of the expertise shown in its execution, the kindness of manner and the expert advice given.

I have in the past recommended the practice to others and am happy to do again.


I highly recommend the dental service I have received, first class expertise in remedying my dental problems with excellent results.


I’m happy to say that I found the practice, as always, welcoming and friendly; with clean and peaceful premises, totally Covid-compliant as far as I could tell; and Sarah and Agis were most professional and encouraging. If anyone wanted me to advise on a suitable dental practice, I would happily recommend the Oakthorpe practice.

Gerda Lysley

My treatment during my dental consultation has been excellent as well as professional and I was treated with patience and care in every aspect. Procedures were well explained in advance, staff friendly and a relaxing waiting area! 


I had an emergency private filling at Oakthorpe dental practice and was really impressed by the practice. At all times I was treated in a courteous, professional manner, and I thought the dentist was brilliant and explained everything very clearly and sorted my tooth out. I would be very happy to go to them again and to recommend them to friends and family.


I have recently signed up to services at Oakthorpe Dental Practice and am very happy with the result. The Dental care has been excellent. The Practice is very well run and welcoming. I particularly like the fact that so many of the staff are very long serving, a sign that this is a happy and rewarding working environment. I was recommended to the Practice by two friends. I would recommend the Practice and have already introduced my sister.

Jessica A

I finally ended up in the safe, caring and calming hands at Oakthorpe Dental Practice. Seetal is a truly compassionate dentist, able to combine competence with gentleness and understanding. I cannot recommend her enough, especially if you would like yourself or your loved ones to be treated with care and compassion, precision and delicacy. My experience of being a patient at Oakthorpe Practice has restored my trust and faith and knowledge that dentistry can be pain free and most of all: kind.

From a reformed nervous patient!

Thank you ALL as your reception team and nurses made me feel at ease and very welcome.

Hugh Wybrew

I was very satisfied with my first experience of Oakthorpe Dental.

The environment is pleasant, and the members of the team friendly. I had an extended series of treatments, which were very efficiently carried out and so far very effectively: all my crowns are still in place!

When my previous dentist moved away from Oxford, I was recommended to come to you by a friend. I would certainly recommend Oakthorpe Dental to anyone who asked me.

With all good wishes,


I'm very happy with the service received so far. In fact, I have already recommended the practice to
my wife.


I have attended the Oakthorpe Dental Practice for almost twenty years always glad of the
thoroughly professional service that I have received whether from those who book appointments to
dental treatment. Gone are the days of having to gear myself up to ‘go to the dentist.’ I go routinely
every six months for a check-up and on several occasions have been glad that problems have been
nipped in the bud. I have had a fair share of complex procedures and been very glad that they have
been accomplished so painlessly. Over the COVID period the service has continued seamlessly - ever
immaculately clean and careful to keep everyone safe. Many times, I have recommended this
Practice to others and will continue to do so. Thank you Seetal and all your team.


I've had a number of different procedures at Oakthorpe Dental Practice since first joining in the
summer of 2020 and cannot praise the staff highly enough. Not only were they helpful and receptive
when my former dentist had no appointments, but they are extremely efficient and very clear about
their procedures and pricing. There were no hidden charges, and everything was very clearly
explained. Their Covid precautions have been the best and most sensible I've seen anywhere,
without being in any way oppressive. The staff are all very friendly and kind and Seetal went out of
her way to help me with a possible mouth infection I had earlier this year, speaking to me on the
phone and then examining me when I couldn't get a face-to-face appointment with my doctor. I
have been really impressed with the very personal and caring service at every stage and cannot
praise it highly enough. I have already recommended Oakthorpe Dental Practice to several friends
and will continue to do so.

Joe Pillman

I am very impressed with the practice environment and the overall quality of service. I like all the team members and always feel welcome and well looked after by you all.

I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Jane Moir

I find the reception, quality of care, surroundings, and general atmosphere, reassuring and helpful at all times.

Susie Taylor

I was absolutely delighted to be able to have both aHygenist and Dentist appointment - both were brilliant - the booking process,arrival and payment were organised incredibly efficiently to make you feelsafe, but at the same time everyone was extremely friendly - would definitelyrecommend

Amelia Talbot

I came to Oakthorpe needing emergency treatment. They wereable to see me the exact day, despite not being a registered patient. They hadclearly put several Covid measures in place which made me feel at ease (e.g.temperature taking at the door, wearing masks etc.). The dentist was quick toidentify why I was experiencing pain and explain in lay-person terms what typeof treatment I would need. My follow-up appointment was equally as hassle free,and I am happy with the results of the treatment.


I have always foundthe practice very friendly and helpful and have received excellent dental care,especially when I was undergoing complicated oral surgery. I would not hesitatein recommending Oakthorpe Dental to family and friends.


"I knew I’d hit gold the moment I walked in Oakthorpe Dental Practice.  Such a warm welcome!  They are the most caring and professional team. No effort was spared to make sure my treatment during the Lockdown made for a perfect outcome. Thank you everyone!”

Best wishes and thanks again!

Matthew J. Marinaro

Excellent service. Comfortable, pristine environment, andvery informative and friendly staff. The people were pleasant and patient andthe dentist himself was excellent, quite informative and capable. I wouldrecommend the service. Especially impressive with how smooth things went giventhe extraordinary circumstances surrounding the pandemic at present.

Christopher Winearls

The practice environment - Simple. Peaceful. Easy to navigate. Convenient and professional.
Quality of service - Excellent.
Manner of team members - Friendly, sympathetic, clear communications, professional.
Whether you would consider referring friends and family. - Definitely.

Kay Alty

Always happy to recommend Oakthorpe Dental Practice, specifically I very much appreciate access to the caring and professional expertise from all at ODC, especially during Covid-19 restrictions

Debbie Kelly

I have had exceptional service from Oakthorpe - dentists, Agis and Seetal,  have both been tremendous, so professional, explaining everything and discussing options of treatment etc. so clearly. And all the surgery staff have been so polite, professional and great coms during the Covid pandemic.

i wouldn't hesitate to  recommend the surgery - in fact i have told several friends and colleagues at work about Oakthorpe.

I am totally satisfied with the service i receive - i wouldn't dream of going anywhere else!

Happy to be quoted by name on the website,

Dr Olga-Maria Tsatalou

I wanted to thank you for all the excellent care I received during my recent dental appointment with my Dentist Agis Patsourakos and the team. As always the practice environment, quality of service, and manner of team members was of the highest standards and I would highly recommend the practice to family and friends.


I am a new patient at Oakthorpe Dental Practice, and without hesitation I would highly recommend Dr Seetal Patel and her team to everyone. Seetal was able to see me at short notice when I really needed an appointment; this was impressive! Her calm, professional and welcoming manner put me at immediate ease. Her reception team were incredibly helpful and organised also. Onsite parking is a bonus!


Regarding my last appointment, I couldn’t have asked for better service. My dentist is Seetal and she has dealt with me in such a professional & kind manner. She was very supportive throughout my whole treatment, considering I was very nervous and the job was very successful. Also, restrictions due to Covid were applied well and I felt very safe.


I have had very good dental care from your Practice, which I would recommend.

The practice staff appear to be well trained to deliver methodical and appropriate patient management during current difficulties; moreover they are also helpful and friendly.  

The practitioner who initially diagnosed and then discussed different possible treatments went on to carry out successful surgery for my dental needs. I was provided with sensible advice regarding prophylaxis to help avoid future similar problems.

Importantly, I was informed in advance about financial issues.


I would definitely recommend your practice to friends and family. It was all so clean, professional and friendly and the way i was shown my xrays and you talked about my teeth was so clear

Lizzie May

I should like to say that the care, professionalism and efficiency of the team was excellent!

R Wilson

I and my wife have been extremely impressed with the way that Seetal and her team have been coping with the dental practice at this difficult time.

During the lockdown period I lost part of a tooth and my wife also needed some treatment, and although these weren’t emergencies, the practice arranged to see us both shortly after they were open. In my case this involved an inspection and eventually the measuring and fitting of a crown. Everything was carried out impeccably – the car parking arrangements, calling us in when everything was ready, the sanitation arrangements, and the actual treatment. Throughout everything was carried out in a highly professional manner and we were very impressed.

1 Aug 2020


I am very impressed with all the treatment I have received at Oakthorpe Dental, and will unreservedly recommend you to anyone who may need a good dentist!

Nick and Jill Meyjes

Practice Environment.

Very pleasant, the house is warm, bright and airy with interesting pictures and good magazines. Those who can't manage the stairs can be accommodated downstairs.

Quality of Service.


Manner of Team Members.

Friendly, helpful and professional

Would certainly recommend to friends and family.


I strongly recommend Oakthorpe Dental practice.  I had complete confidence in Agis Patsourakos to judge what is best for me and it is always a pleasure to see him. And I always feel good after having my teeth cleaned thoroughly by Sarah Lloyd Jones. The practice is well organised and responsive if you need to be seen & the waiting rooms are attractive.

Peter Mulhearn

I have always found the Oakthorpe Dental Practice very good throughout the 25 years I have been a patient, and whoever has been the practising dentists.

I do find the ambience and environment at a higher level than 25 years ago as is the equipment, which of course is more modern than in the previous century. The quality of service is as good as I would want, but I have no experience elsewhere for reasons previously stated.

I find the staff/practitioners very pleasant and welcoming whether it be reception through to dentists/hygienists, but once again I always see the same dentist and hygienist.

I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to any friends or family if they lived in the area or indeed if they needed emergency treatment


I don’t normally respond to requests for feedback.  But I have been very impressed by the quality of service provided by both Seetal and Doina, the hygienist, who takes particular care to avoid inflicting discomfort on my sensitive teeth!  The atmosphere of the practice is calm and friendly and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to friends and family.


All was fine on my last visit. The dental hygienist was very gentle, even for my overly-sensitive dental phobias. I trust the dentist to do the right thing, and investigate to the fullest extent possible, but not overly invasive.

Everything else is fine too.


I am very happy with the dental services provided by Oakthorpe. This is evidenced by the fact that my wife, daughters and grandchildren all get dental treatment at Oakthorpe.  Indeed my daughters and grandchildren have presented themselves for examination this week.

Dr Jane Smit

Excellent service from friendly professionals in a serene environment. Would recommend without hesitation.

Derek Wyatt

I would strongly recommend Oakthorpe Dental Practice to anyone, friends or family. Ms. Patel correctly identified a very troublesome dental problem I had when two previous dentists had failed to do so.

I have a lifetime's experience of dental practices and would say that at Oakthorpe Dental the practice environment, quality of service and consideration of staff are exemplary.

Derrick Stevens

It is with pleasure that I respond to your request for my humble opinion.

Thoughts on;

  1.  The Practice environment.  It is always a friendly and cheerful welcome when you walk in. If there is time spent waiting the area is very pleasant and comfortable to sit in. Most of all to have a place to park is a tremendous benefit.
  2. Quality of Service.   On every occasion whatever the treatment I can find no fault. Whatever is done is explained and discussed and understood.
  3. Manner of team members.   The whole process is performed with such friendly and happy people that any anxiety is soon forgotten.
  4. Consider referring family and friends.  Most certainly I would suggest to anyone who needs dental help to go to the Oakthorpe Practice. I have referred a friend already and one of our family has also had treatment.


I’ve now had two appointments with Oakthorpe practice.

From the minute you walk through the door you are looked after.

The staff are so friendly, attentive and professional.

It’s a beautiful practice and instantly you are put at ease.

I’ve had previous bad experiences at dentists. I am a nervous patient.

My new dentist is amazing! He is so thorough yet gentle. Today I had two fillings with zero pain or complications (like I’ve had in the past)

After today I can honestly say I will never fear the dentist ever again!

I would 100% recommend Oakthorpe Dental to ALL my family and friends. I am so so happy I’ve found you!


The environment and the quality of service were excellent, the team members were very kind & caring.
I would recommend Oakthorpe Dental to friends and family.


Everything outstanding!

Dedicated Dentistry

"Today I had a tooth extracted by a female dental surgeon, Catherine Sternberg, and her assistant. I was petrified when I entered the surgery but soon felt at ease when Catherine explained the procedure and it was all over in a short time with very little after effects. I thank her so much. She was brilliant."

Philip Saugman

I am an anxious dental patient but I have to say that Mrs Patel and her Dental Nurse make a fantastic team. The quality of work is outstanding, communication with the patient is calm, comprehensive and reassuring at all times and the atmosphere in the surgery is peaceful and professional. Ten out of ten and many many thanks.

Ian and Ruth Scott

We both have nothing but praise for the Oakthorpe Dental Practice. We have been with the practice for many years and would never consider going anywhere else.

We find the environment calm and professional. The waiting areas are pleasant and comfortable.

Staff at the reception desk and the chairside assistants are always friendly and helpful. Our dentist, Seetal, is charming, friendly and always totally professional. We feel we are in very safe hands as her patients. It’s a pleasure to see her.

We certainly would recommend the practice to our friends (and have done so.)


Oakthorpe Practice is exceptional and the best I’ve ever had in every way, from the environment to the quality of service, simultaneously both highly professional and friendly, making one feel completely at ease and well taken care of.  I have already referred family members.


I would just like to record my appreciation of the great work of my hygienist, Doina, today. She exhibited an extremely high degree of professionalism, care and empathy as she went about her work. Much appreciated!


I have been a nervous and reluctant patient for many years, due to poor dentistry as a child.

The care and patience received from Seetal has been outstanding. Her calm, gentle manner immediately puts you at ease, and everything is explained with clarity and confidence.

I cannot recommend Seetal and her team highly enough.

Thank you!

Michael Bourdeaux

As a long-standng client of this practice and its predecessors, I'm delighted to state that, in my view, all the high standards are being well maintained and I certainly do recommend it when the occasion arises,

Catherine Sandford

I find the practice environment at Oakthorpe professional, uncluttered, scrupulously clean, yet reassuringly comfortable. I have received high quality service on my three visits. I feel there has been consistently careful listening from staff who embody a sense of calm professionalism. At no time have I felt pressured or rushed during an appointment, there is plenty of time to discuss treatments or voice concerns. All staff team members whom I’ve met seem to feel valued and exude a quiet self-confidence.
Lastly, I would have no hesitation in recommending Oakthorpe to family and friends.

Jeremy Noble

I find the environment at Oakthorpe Dental Practice relaxed, welcoming and efficient. The quality of service is excellent and all members of staff have a delightful manner. I would be very happy to recommend the practice to friends and family and indeed have done this very recently.

Derek Roebuck

I am always more than happy with the service you provide. Everyone is efficient, helpful and friendly. I would certainly recommend Oakthorpe to anyone.

Julie Duffield

I would like to say that I have always found the surgery very clean and comfortable with a pleasant atmosphere and good service. Although it is bit of a trek for me to come to Oakthorpe and there is a dentist in my village,I would still rather keep coming as the level of care is excellent and I have a great deal of trust in my dentist, she is very thorough and such a nice lady who puts me at ease. I would definitely recommend you to family and friends.

Rose Montgomery

The practice environment was clean, friendly and efficient. The quality of service was very good, efficient and clear. The Manner of team members was again friendly, helpful and efficient.

John West

The surgery is clean and spacious; there is plenty of light and the waiting areas are comfortable. I have been a number of times in the past few months and have always been seen promptly and greeted in a friendly way at reception. My dentist (Seetal) is quick, with a light touch. Seetal is clear and decisive, and has a good sense of humour. Other staff I have met have been cheerful and efficient. Though I am a relatively new patient, I would happily recommend Oakthorpe Dental to others.


I always find reception staff welcoming, friendly and very helpful indeed. Agis, my dentist is sensitive, caring and very competent. I especially appreciate how Agis carefully and patiently explains any dental problems and options for addressing them. I thoroughly recommend Oakthorpe Dental.

Robin Cohen

I've always been treated in a friendly, courteous and professional way by everyone at the practice.

Sally Hope

Superb practice. Dr Patel is thoughtful and careful and investigated each tooth thoroughly. Very pleasant Dental nurse and receptionists. Thank you

Jeremy Cunningham

I am very happy with the quality of service, friendliness of the reception, and the overall environment. I would be happy to recommend anyone to the practice.

Andrew Trotman

I am very happy to give some feedback about Oakthorpe Dental Practice.

I first became a patient in 1975 when I was a student and the practice was in St John Street, first with Mr English and then Mr Davies. He and I also knew each other through rugby football.

I continued with the practice when it moved to Summertown and I was working in Radley and then in Abingdon. I decided not to change to a local dentist.

I moved to Edinburgh in 1991 and then York, returning in 2006 to work around the corner as Warden (Head )of St Edward’s. We rejoined the practice. When we moved to near Stratford Upon Avon in 2011, we stayed with the practice: why change when the service was perfect.

Seetal is conscientious and extremely capable and has a warm and welcoming manner. Her nurses and reception staff are similarly caring and cheerful. The hygienists are all extremely professional too.

The surgery, reception and waiting areas are always clean and warm with a good range of magazines: my only opportunity twice a year to read

We could easily switch to local dentists, but we have a sense of loyalty as well as customer satisfaction with the Oakthorpe Practice.


Clean, calm and reassuring. I like the new grey colour scheme and seating. Very high and responsive quality all around. High quality dental work from both hygienists, dentists and assistants. The detail and attention of the work is excellent and I never feel trepidation or pain at the prospect of dental work. Relaxed, clear and friendly. Everything is explained clearly and calmly to me. I have already recommended my wife, who is now a patient.

RJ Freeman

The environment is good and relaxing. The service is excellent. The manner of the practice is very good. I would definitely recommend to others. Ms Patel is without doubt the best dentist I have encountered in my seventy plus years.

Diana Pemberton-Pigott

My appointment was made over the phone by a pleasant & helpful receptionist. I was to see Sarah Lloyd-Jones the hygienist first, followed by a check up by Seetal Patel which was very convenient.

The reception area has been updated with smart grey furniture & a good selection of magazines to read, although I did not have to wait long.

Sarah dealt with my 'tricky teeth' professionally and well. She has given me good advice over the years and my dental health has improved. She is friendly and the experience was good

Seetal checked my teeth and fortunately, there was no work to be done. She is an excellent dentist and I trust her judgement. She is both friendly and professional.

I would recommend Oakthorpe Dental to anyone.

Walter Bodmer

I am writing to say that I am very happy with the care I get from Oakthorpe Dental. The practice environment is very friendly and the quality of service excellent. I would unhesitatingly recommend Oakthorpe Dental to relatives and friends.


With sincere thanks for much speed and kindness when greatly needed.


Every area of service was outstanding and I have no hesitation in recommending the practice to anyone who has dental problems.


I have always found all the staff and treatments of the highest standard at Oakthorpe Dental practice. Being a child of the fifties, I have never liked going to the dentist but the care and consideration at this surgery is second to none!


I do tell friends about this practice if they ask for a recommendation. I have always found it a lovely peaceful place to visit, and staff are friendly and professional, and so far as I can judge, highly competent. The magazines are good, and current, though you seldom wait long enough to do more than glance at them. It does seem expensive, but then I suppose any high-tech dentist would cost as much (I haven't looked into this because at present I can afford the needs of my teeth, and I like going there...)


Really lovely and long reception start and really nice and relaxed environment. My dentist is always so lovely and helpful

Natasha Regisford-Reimmer

Thanks for a very smooth, efficient and friendly service regarding my recent tooth issues. The practice environment is clean, peaceful and homely. I was offered an appointment within 48 hours of my call on both occasions. The receptionist (Min) was informative, friendly and patient. The dentist (Seetal) and her assistant on both occasions were warm, professional and efficient. Even Agis said hello and asked after my children whilst I waited in the waiting room. I cannot fault the service and would definitely recommend to family and friends.


Thank you - I had a very good experience at my last two visits - good timing courteous welcome and efficient and accurate explanations for the management of my dental treatment.


I was very pleased with my first appointment at your practice. The environment was clean and well maintained and my treatment plan was clearly explained with reasonable prices. I have already booked two further appointments for a filling and a dental hygienist. I have also transferred my children to the practice and recommended you to friends.

Hameed Razaghi

I have always found the environment particularly clean, tidy and organised. The staff are genuinely polite and helpful with a first class and excellent service. I would/have happily recommended the practice and individual to my friends and family.

JB Lewis

I can say that all is fine and very professional. I routinely recommend you to my friends and acquaintances.

Liz Rosney/Kershaw

I would recommend the practice - service is great, ambiance excellent, I trust the advice of the practitioners. I would like the practice to offer students in full time education an NHS service or astudent discount. Overall I am impressed with the practice.

J Revell

I find the ladies at the desk to be very friendly and helpful, the practice extremely clean, bright and welcoming. Seetal is a very gentle dentist who immediately puts me at ease and explains each step if treatment is needed. The same goes for her team members. I would happily recommend your practice to family and friends.

Bryony Bethell

It's a pleasure to recommend Oakthorpe Dental. I have been with the practice for over a decades and have recommended it to family and friends who have been similarly impressed. My father, aged 87, feels that Mrs Patel is the finest dentist he has ever encountered. Skillful, gentle, upbeat and strong on explanation. I wholeheartedly agree. The practice premises are clean, bright and airy and the patient parking is a plus. Staff are friendly helpful and efficient. Charging policy and pricing is fair and clear. With best wishes and thanks for a first rate dental service.


I have said farewell to my dentures and hello to my new teeth (5 implants in total). My grateful thanks to Agis and team for their care and kindness. Each and every procedure was fully explained to me, I never felt at any time excluded.


Further to my recent appointment to both the hygienist and the dentist, I would like to advise that I was very happy with the service. The environment was very bright, clean and welcoming. The service was brilliant and the staff were all friendly and made you feel very welcome and put you at ease. I would have no problem with referring you to both family and friends.

Ian Saunders

Very good quality of service in all regards. Very helpful and welcoming team. Would definitely consider referring family and friends should the opportunity arise.

Colin Gay

I became a patient in 1981, and over the years I have received a consistency of high quality treatment, care and attention which has allowed me to recommend the practice to friends and family. Over the years, people have changed, the practice has changed and adapted to meet current requirements, but the quality of treatment and friendly care and attention has always been there. I am pleased to have been a patient for so long and look forward to being a patient for the foreseeable future.

Robin Mason

Whilst I was, of course, apprehensive about having an implant I found the whole experience to be very positive. The Oakthorpe Dental team were very professional and friendly, keeping me well informed as I went through this painless procedure - creating the perfect fit!


I was very happy with the service, the environment was very bright, clean and welcoming. The service was brilliant and the staff were all friendly and made you feel very welcome and put you at ease. I would have no problem with referring you to both family and friends.

David Cranston

Superb and Seetal is the most gentle dentist I have had

Soto Secada Family

We are very pleased after our first appointment, the environment was peaceful and the team was gentle and efficient. Our 4 year old daughter was very kindly treated and she would happily go back to your practice. We would greatly recommend your service.

Michael Winterbottom

As always, I was impressed by the treatment I received and by the kindness and friendliness of everybody in the practice

Mandy Vanstone

The dental treatment I received at Oakthorpe Dental was exceptionally good. A clear explanation along every step of my treatment meant that any anxieties I had, I was reassured that everything was going smoothly. I have been a patient at the practice for over 30 years now, albeit with the previous owner/dentist.I would not go anywhere else!

Tricia Patrick

My husband, John, and I could not be more satisfied and delighted with Oakthorpe Dental Practice. The practice environment is very modern and attractive, especially since new furniture was installed recently.Stylish and appropriate and always good magazines to read! The quality of service is superb. We always get a warm welcome on the phone and in person. Somehow there is always an appointment available when needed and the attention whether from Seetal or Emma (our hygienist), is focussed and knowledgeable about our dental history. Seetal is extraordinarily gentle and encouraging and does a marvellous job helping us look our best and preserve our teeth. Emma’s advice has been invaluable about mouth hygiene. Mel and Min at the desk always knowledgeable and helpful. Ican’t fault any member of the team. They are always friendly, welcoming and interested in us.They feel like friends.

Peter Espe (aged 85), Oxford

Recently I was advised to have a bridge construct to replace a tooth which was unable to be anchored permanently and kept falling out.I was quite apprehensive about this but Seetal Patel gently and efficiently carried this out with minimal discomfort over three visits.

Dawn Wyllie

"The treatment I received was excellent I cannot praise the practice and staff enough for the service I received."

Anon from Dedicated Dentistry

"Today I had a tooth extracted by a female dental surgeon, Catherine Sternberg, and her assistant. I was petrified when I entered the surgery but soon felt at ease when Catherine explained the procedure and it was all over in a short time with very little after effects. I thank her so much. She was brilliant."